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I believe this draft bill might be of interest, specially to those who were
on the last WIPO SCCR.



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Brazil is currently conducting a broad reform of its copyright law. The
purpose is to bring the law up to date with the digital age, to strengthen
the rights of authors and consumers and to address issues like private
copying, format shifting, remixing, access for education, preservation of
cultural heritage, orphan works, the collective rights management system and
payola. After more than four years of intense debate in numerous
conferences, sectorial meetings and workshops, the Ministry of Culture which
is in charge of the law reform, published its proposal for the bill on 14
June 2010 for public consultation. The text of the law draft which we
present here in English translation has received nearly 4,000 comments as of
today. The consultation continues until 31 August. The registration for
contributing to the online consultation requires a CPF, a registration
number from the Brazilian Ministry of Finance. However, we believe that
making the text of the draft accessible in English is useful both for
allowing readers outside Brazil to assess what is being discussed here and
for the ongoing debate on copyrights in countries across the globe.

The Portuguese version of the current Brazilian Copyright Law consolidated
with the proposed bill is available here:

The English translation is here:

The public consultation is here:



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