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An on-line forum to promote an exchange of ideas and to build consensus on international measures to improve access to copyright-protected works in formats suitable for visually impaired persons and others with print disabilities (VIPs) has been launched by WIPO. The Forum which will remain open at least until June 20, 2010, is designed to stimulate debate, enhance understanding, and broaden awareness of the question.

In May 2009, Brazil, Ecuador and Paraguay submitted to WIPO’s Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights (SCCR), a draft treaty proposal, prepared by the World Blind Union (WBU), to spearhead international discussions on establishing a multilateral legal framework on limitations and exceptions to international copyright law for the benefit of VIPs to address the needs of VIPs and other people with reading disabilities.

During the Open-ended Consultations held in May 2010, the Delegation of the United States of America circulated the text of a Draft Proposal for a Consensus Instrument for consideration.

Texts of the above proposals are available in the Forum website: www.visionip.org/forum<http://www.visionip.org/forum>
We welcome comments from the general public on the possible benefits or concerns about these proposals, including its objectives and possible courses of action that would facilitate access by VIPs.

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