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Korea is going to sign the final text of ACTA whatever changes are agreed
upon between the EU and the US. There is no plan to hear a public opinion.

Around two weeks ago, I heard from a senior official of the Korean
government, who is in charge of the ACTA negotiation, that the Korean
government will proceed to get a ratification from the National Assembly.
This is a big shift from their previous stance. They justified their
participation of ACTA talk on the grounds that the ratification of the
US-Korea FTA is a precondition of signing ACTA, meaning no US-Korea FTA, no
ACTA in Korea.


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> As USTR has earlier noted, the October 2, 2010 ACTA next has to go
> through a round of cleaning up, as regards the numbering of articles and
> maybe the style.
> There is also of course the bracketed footnote 2 regarding the exclusion
> of patents in civil enforcement, the remaining "italics" in the text.
> Additional discussions may be underway to address outstanding barriers
> to the US signing ACTA as a sole executive agreement, which may or may
> not involve further changes in the text.
> Apparently there is at least one new (non-public) version of the text
> being circulated.
> USTR has told people that they may conclude negotiations with the EU
> fairly soon on the outstanding changes, and then see if the newer text
> is supported by other federal agencies.
>        The EU
> I believe that on November 23, the EU Parliament will have the
> opportunity to vote on ACTA, in a November II Plenary session in
> Strasbourg.  MEPs from different parties are negotiating the content of
> one or more resolutions on ACTA right now.
>        The US
> The Congressional Research Service has apparently concluded an analysis
> of the ACTA text (we don't know the results), and the USPTO was expected
> to conclude its analysis this week, to determine if the text is
> consistent with US law.
> USTR is doing whatever it can to sign the agreement, despite the
> reservations in some quarters that it has overstepped its constitutional
> authority.  They may provide the public with a period to review the
> final text (sans brackets and italics) before the US formally signs.
> USTR does not want to submit the agreement to the Senate for approval.
> Whether or not they can pull this off may depend upon how the final text
> looks, and what claims USTR can make that the specific provisions in
> ACTA are not in fact binding on the US.
>        Australia
> In Australia, DFAT is hosting information sessions on the published ACTA
> text on 12 November in Canberra, 18 November in Sydney and 24 November
> in Melbourne.
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