[A2k] SCCR 21: General statement of Group B (covering broadcasting, AV protection and limitations and exceptions)

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SCCR 21: General statement of Group B (covering broadcasting, AV  
protection and limitations and exceptions)

Created 9 Nov 2010 - 2:18am
The following general statement was delivered by France, on behalf of  
Group B, on the first day (8 November 2010) of SCCR 21.

Group B opening statement
I thank you M. Chair,

Group B is glad to welcome you back in Geneva for this 21st session of  
the Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights, which we hope  
will be a productive one.

Group B continues to support the conclusion of a treaty on the  
protection of performances in audiovisual media, for we believe such  
an international legal instrument would greatly contribute to cultural  
and economic development as well as promote cultural diversity. In  
view of  the proposals made by several members since the last session  
of this Committee, holding consultations would be all the more useful.

Group B also remains convinced of the need of a treaty to address the  
challenges of signal piracy encountered by broadcasting organisations.  
We think that such a normative solution should be found rapidly.

On exceptions and limitations, group B recognizes the special needs of  
persons with print disabilities, which group B members already address  
in their national and regional legislations. The careful examination  
of possible solutions in this committee reinforces our conviction that  
a dual track approach involving taking forward both the work of the  
Stakeholders’ Platform and a potential international instrument  
promises to be the most likely to produce concrete results.

We commend the work done by the Platform, with the recent launching of  
its new project TIGAR which will facilitate the transmission of  
publishers’ titles to trusted intermediaries. We would like to remind  
everyone that there are two proposals on the table from Group B  
Members that each tackle the main obstacle to the access to protected  
works for people with print disabilities, namely the cross-border issue.

We look forward to having substantive discussions on this issue, for  
we believe working on the substance can help us make progress.

We also stand prepared to discuss in future work of this committee the  
other important issues under exceptions and limitations raised by the  
African group.

To conclude M. Chairman, group B is ready to engage this week in  
substantive and constructive discussions on all items on the agenda  
and trusts that under your active guidance we can reach successful and  
balanced conclusions this time.


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