[A2k] If we were to create it today- what would the financial system for cultural productions look like?

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Fri Oct 8 07:26:25 PDT 2010

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If we were to create it today- what would the financial system for cultural productions look like?

Crowdculture.se establishes an accessible digital infrastructure for
micro financing of cultural productions. This is a new financial model
that supports cultural innovation and market development of Sweden’s
cultural life. Crowdculture.se provides a market place for an
alternative and personally engaging cultural economy, that today has no
counterpart- a similar micro-financing project with a cultural focus
suitable for Scandinavian conditions is missing!

At Crowdculture.se cultural producers, financiers and consumers can
contribute to the realization of projects that fall outside the cultural
establishment’s immediate taste, and thus stimulate the growth of a more
vibrant cultural life as well in the city, as on the web.

A vibrant cultural repertoire requires parallel infrastructures!

The community Crowdculture.se serves as a meeting place for cultural
producers, financiers, consumers and institutions. The platform allows
producers, which may be an individual idea agent, as well as a more
established ensemble, group or association, to share a project
description of the production which they wish to realize. All suggested
productions together form a sort of ”production library”. Another group
of members on the platform are the active members; Cultural consumers.
Each active member is paying a small monthly fee and in exchange governs
a vote that the member can place on the production in the library she
would like to see realized. This vote is an investment right, as the
vote carries a certain value per second. The value is determined by the
platforms over all economy, divided by the amount of active users and
seconds, in a real-time calculated economical flow. A production
receives a sum of money equivalent to the added value of the votes she
gets in each counted second. When a production has received the number
of votes over time that is need for realization, the money is paid to
the producer, so that her production can be connected to appropriate
institutions. In this way, the platform provides the financial tools
that enable both cultural innovation, market development of Sweden’s
cultural landscape and the opening of the institutional arena for others
than those who currently work within them.

The project is run by Fabel Kommunikation in cooperation with selected

Crowdculture.se is initiated by Fabel Kommunikation, situated in
Stockholm. It is realized in collaboration with, among others, SICS
(Swedish Institute of Computer Science) and expertise within law,
mathematics and co-creation culture. In the year 09/10 we work to create
a basic model of the economic structure and interaction design. The
project has received economical support by the fund for Innovative
Culture and VINNOVA.

During the test phase in 2010, the project will focus on production
within “performance art”.

If you are curious to hear more about Crowdculture, do not hesitate to
contact us!

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