[A2k] Senator Wyden asks for legal review of ACTA

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Senator Wyden asks for legal review of ACTA
By James Love
Created 8 Oct 2010 - 6:27pm


Noting the ACTA [1] is being negotiated as an "executive agreement"
because "it is not intended to impact U.S. law, but that "some experts
outside of government are raising concerns that the ACTA text is
contrary to U.S. law and its application or would present a barrier to
changes in U.S. law in the area of reform to damages for patents, or
access to orphaned copyrighted works, Senator Wyden has asked in an
October 8, 2010 letter (link here [2]) that the American Law Division of
the Congressional Research Service of the Library of Congress undertake
and provide to Congress:

    "a written, independent determination of whether the commitments put
forward in the agreement diverge from our domestic laws or would impeded
legislative efforts that are currently underway. I ask the Division pay
particular attention to the provisions relating to injunctions, damages,
and intermediary liability." 

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