[A2k] Compartilhamento legal! – Brazil is putting an end to the ‘war on copying,’ at R$ 3,00 per month

Federico Heinz fheinz at vialibre.org.ar
Thu Sep 2 13:26:01 PDT 2010

I'm sorry, Volker, but as catchy as the headline "Brazil is putting
an end to the ‘war on copying,’ at R$ 3,00 per month" is, it is also
massively misleading.

The whole idea of collecting a fee from all broadband connections is
a solution looking for a problem, and one that collects from the many
to feed the few to boot. R$3.00 may seem little, but if you take into
account the fact that the "Banda Larga Popular" in Brazil costs
roughly R$30, you realize that this is a 10% price hike for
low-income families.

These proposals will keep cropping up, of course, because a few
people and companies stand to benefit massively from it. But the way
to stop the copyright war is not to take a fee, it's just to realize
that people have decided to take culture in their own hands after a
couple of centuries of delegating it to publishing houses, and get
over with it.


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