[A2k] Financing the cultural and expressive commons (of which sharing is a part)

Federico Heinz fheinz at vialibre.org.ar
Fri Sep 3 09:20:39 PDT 2010

On 03/09/2010, Philippe Aigrain (personal) wrote:
> As you know ,I like to try to find a level of description that can
> go beyond disagreements between friends, even though the first
> immediate result is generally to get both disagreeing with you.

Well, I hope you can excuse me if my reaction fails to satisfy your
expectation of disagreement :-)

> In other terms, it is wrong to consider a contribution to the
> creative and expressive ecosystem as "a cost to access the
> Internet" or "having to pay for file sharing".

Exactly (part of my) point.

> What we need to monetize (to provide money to) are the conditions of
> existence of the information, cultural and expressive commons.

What we *might* need to provide money to. While open at being
proven wrong, I'm still unconvinced that this is a true need.

> There are true needs if one wants to move towards a many-to-all
> cultural society.

¿What are these true needs exactly? ¿How are they better served by a
fee scheme than they are served now?


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