[A2k] Compartilhamento legal! – Brazil is putting an end to the ‘war on copying,’ at R$ 3,00 per month

Federico Heinz fheinz at vialibre.org.ar
Mon Sep 6 08:19:09 PDT 2010

On 05/09/2010, Marko Loparic wrote:
> - The pressure will be of course very high on any emerging country
> challenging the copyright "international standards" imposed by the
> richest countries. The levy is a solid defense against the
> inevitable accusation of being "another pirate country like China".

In this context, China is not necessarily bad company. But besides
that, such an accusation is being handed out to just about every
country on a regular basis, not because they don't have minimal
regulations to enforce copyright, but because they don'y comply with
the US's maximalist approach. The criterion seems to be "if you don't
have DMCA, you are a pirate", so token actions like this kind of fee
are not likely to take you off that place.

Actually, it is likely to make it WORSE, for it will be seen as a
compulsive license, and we know how the copyrigt lobby likes *those*.

> - Though sharing is a widespread activity, most people still see it
> as a wrongdoing.

Speak for yourself. I don't see that sentiment in Latin America.

> After some years it would not be difficult, I believe, to
> question whether the levy does more that feed bureaucrats or not.

And what good would that do to us? Do you need to be reminded of the
long list of state-enforced impositions that do nothing but feed
bureaucrats? Actually, the fact that it does nothing but feed
bureacurats is what will ensure that the fee will NEVER go away.

> - The levy law seems to me to be a smart strategic move in the sense
> the it can somehow appease the powerful beast we fight against

Please explain how it is a smart strategic move to feed a
powerful opponent, making him stronger, hungrier, and ever more

> In a sense the levy is for a me a fee we have to pay (and that I
> would gladly pay) for changing the mentality -- not only of the
> legislators and judges -- but of the society as a whole.

Society is already there. Why would labels need to do expensive PR
campaigns to reming people that sharing is bad if society were
already convinced of that?


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