[A2k] Compartilhamento legal! – Brazil is putting an end to the ‘war on copying , ’ at R$ 3,00 per month

Marco Ciurcina ciurcina at studiolegale.it
Mon Sep 6 14:10:14 PDT 2010

In data lunedì 6 settembre 2010 18:14:22, Marko Loparic ha scritto:
> The legalisation without the fee would certainly be preferable.
The legalization without a fee has to be done modifying national law *and* 
international treaties (Berne Convention etc.).
The legalization with a fee can be done modifying national law.
Different goals with different strategies..

IMHO legalization with a fee today is viable.
Legalization without a fee today is not viable.

Adopting a fee approach that implies applying a "tax" to all broadband users 
is one option.
There are other options like collecting the fee through:
a) general taxes 
b) licences (users decide whether to pay or not).

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