[A2k] Written Declaration 12 on ACTA: WE DID IT!!

Jérémie ZIMMERMANN - La Quadrature du Net jz at laquadrature.net
Tue Sep 7 08:04:17 PDT 2010

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We just reached the 369 signatures of Members of the Euopean Parliament
required for WD12 to be adopted!!!

Completion of WD12 shows that alltogether we can weight in making the
European Parliament take care of our fundamental freedoms. With WD12,
the European Parliament rejects both the un-democratic process of ACTA
- -whatever the final content of the agreement will be- and its content,
harmful for fundamental freedoms.

WD12 is a strong political signal sent by the EP to the Commission that
ACTA is not tolerable as a way of bypassing democratic process; that
legislation related to Internet, freedom of speech and privacy cannot be
traded off in secrecy and under full influence of entertainment industry
lobbies. Whatever the content of the final agreement, ACTA will remain
an illegitimate circumvention of democracy and should be opposed as such.

Let's hope that WD12 announces the "consent" vote that the EP will have
to take in order to accept or reject ACTA when it is finalized. Then
again, citizens will need to act to make sure that their Internet and
their fundamental freedoms are properly defended, by a full rejection of

Thanks to everyone who participated in that great effort!


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