[A2k] Part 2: Notes on the August 25, 2010 version of the ACTA consolidated text

James Love james.love at keionline.org
Thu Sep 9 04:42:00 PDT 2010



Part 1 of our notes on the August 25, 2010 version of the ACTA
consolidated text, covering pages 1-9 of the text, are available here.
These notes cover the remainder of August 25, 2010 ACTA text, from pages
10 to 29.

The ACTA text covers a wide range of topics, each of which could merit
an extensive discussion. These notes are fairly brief, and not
comprehensive. For example, there is no discussion here of the Internet
Chapter, a topic discussed elsewhere by several persons, and which may
be the subject of a future KEI comment. Those Articles that are
discussed may have a fairly brief comment.

Our first comment concerns the text on page 11, concerning border
measures, an area of considerable disagreement. The comments conclude by
noting that nearly all brackets have been removed from Chapters 3-6,
including those that provide the mandate and the terms of reference for
ACTA as a new institution.

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