[A2k] "Sharing is legitimate"

Federico Heinz fheinz at vialibre.org.ar
Mon Sep 27 12:34:23 PDT 2010

On 27/09/2010, Philippe Aigrain (perso Wanadoo) wrote:
> Just when "HADOPICOP" is about to send its first first-strike
> emails, I wrote a piece titled "Sharing is legitimate"

Great piece, Philippe.

I keep wondering, however. In this piece, you clearly state that the
number of authors and works is increasing, and that they "as a whole"
are doing well. Still, you stress your belief that "statutory
(compulsory) pooling of resources for all members of the digital
society will be necessary to address the huge scale of digital
creation and expression."

Try as I might, I can't see those assertions as anything other than
mutually contradictory. Either we need to collect a compulsory license
because creative output is tanking and authors are starving left and
right, or creative output is on the rise, authors are doing fine, and
we don't need to take money from people.

What am I missing?


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