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I’d to share with you a recent publication entitled “Public Health Related TRIPS-plus Provisions in Bilateral Trade Agreements: A Policy Guide for Negotiators and Implementers in the WHO Eastern Mediterranean Region” by Dr. Mohammed El Said. Available online in full text: http://www.emro.who.int/publications/Book_Details.asp?ID=1081
The Policy Guide  published jointly by WHO and the ICTSD.

The main focus of this comprehensive policy guide—the first of its kind solely dedicated to the region—is to analyze the effect of bilateral trade agreements on public health regimes and access to medicines in the countries of the Eastern Mediterranean Region. It also aims at providing policy, technical guidance and assistance to policy-makers and practitioners with respect to intellectual property provisions included under bilateral trade agreements that potentially have an adverse effect on public health. However, some of these issues are not confined to the region, but, in fact, shared by the majority of other developing countries. 

Hope you find it useful and can share with others.

Happy New Year!

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