[A2k] Apple webinar today on open textbooks, related issues

Ed Mierzwinski edm at pirg.org
Tue Jan 18 07:13:54 PST 2011

Re: U.S. PIRG Textbook Expert to be featured on Apple Webinar 


On Tuesday, January 18th, U.S. PIRG’s textbook advocate Nicole Allen will sit down with four leading experts on a webcast on the future of “open education” hosted by MacLearning, Apple’s educational division. The forum will address open textbooks, the transition from print to digital, and how technology can help improve learning.


College textbook costs now represent a barrier to college access, costing students an average of $900 per year. A lack of affordable book options for faculty to adopt has allowed prices to continue to rise unchecked. New consumer options, such as open-textbooks, offer free alternatives for faculty to adopt and students to use in the classroom.

The webcast will air live on Jan 18th at 1 pm ET, and the archived footage will be posted online.  For more information and to submit questions, visit http://maclearning.org/userpage.php?page_id=26 .


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