[A2k] Will the EU Parliament Legal Affairs Committee tomorrow vote on ACTA?

Ante ante at ffii.org
Wed Jan 19 06:17:20 PST 2011


Will the EU Parliament Legal Affairs Committee tomorrow ask the legal service 
whether ACTA complies with the Treaties?

January 19, 2011
By Ante

Member of Parliament Jan Philipp Albrecht (Greens) wants to ask the "legal 
service of the Parliament if the final Version of ACTA and its foreseen 
legislative procedure is in line with the Treaties of the European Union and 
which legal possibilities there are for the European Parliament to challenge 
this in front of the European Court of Justice".

It seems Chairman Klaus-Heiner Lehne (EPP) is rather hesitant to do this. The 
Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement’s criminal measures criminalise ordinary 
companies and individuals. The measures seem to violate the Treaties. Does the 
EPP want to close its eyes to that?

Will we ever know what happened? The vote on this is not on the agenda, unless 
it is "In camera 7. Disputes involving Parliament". Does the Parliament go 
secret on ACTA?

vriendelijke groet,


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