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Simona Levi info at conservas.tk
Sat Jan 22 01:54:21 PST 2011

Dear Manon, dear all,

Spanish civil society is the "maker" of this rejection. Only the huge reaction of the 
civil society during one year have changed the response of the deputies which were 
happilly willing to accept the orders of the US embassy.

You can see more details here:
The national citizen platform create against it:

The last actions (sorry only spanish):
(englsh on fight against 301):

*Important now:*
They are trying to put back the law in the senate on the 24 of February through a 
"marriage" government+opposition. Everybody together against citizens.
We are fighting back.
A support from Us civil society to the very conscious spanish people (over 300 000 signing 
the manifest against the law) will be very welcome.

All the best to all of you and keep up the good work, the light and justice


El 21/01/11 3:41, katitza at datos-personales.org escribió:
> Hola Manon,
> Nice to hear from you. Here is the article that Gwen Hinze wrote re the
> cables and the Spanish Law.
> Not-So-Gentle Persuasion: US Bullies Spain into Proposed Website Blocking Law
> http://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2010/12/not-so-gentle-persuasion-us-bullies-spain-proposed
> Un abrazo, Katitza
>> So the Spanish government did not approve a proposed new copyright law.
>> Some say that some wikileaks cables showed strong industry influence on
>> the drafting and lobbying.  Nothing surprising here since it included
>> making it a crime to link to a web site that supposedly provides access
>> to copyrighted content... something that neither the DMCA, nor any FTA
>> -not even ACTA- qualified as "illegal" per se.
>> But of course there will be a Special 301 list and criminal
>> sanctions....and some more punishment such as more events organized by
>> the US Chamber of Commerce with totally biased (pro industry) and boring
>> speakers?
>> More here:
>> http://www.elconfidencial.com/en-exclusiva/2011/eeuu-contra-gobierno-espanol-ley-sinde-20110120-73764.html
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