[A2k] IP Enforcement Roundup - June 13, 2011

Michael Palmedo mpalmedo at wcl.american.edu
Mon Jun 13 13:33:43 PDT 2011

US Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator Victoria Espinel's
Comments at the World Copyright Summit


Last week, IP Enforcement Coordinator Victoria Espinel was featured as a
keynote speaker at the World Copyright Summit, organized by the
International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers.  The
Wall Street Journal and Tech Dirt report that she described expanding
the role of internet service providers in IP Enforcement.  She stressed
a preference for voluntary participation by ISPs, rather than more
"inappropriate regulations," and noted that the government is talking to
Google about what they can do on a voluntary basis.  She said one option
for cutting down on piracy is to "make sure that illegal streaming--a
form of 'distribution' online--is a felony, in the same way that more
traditional forms of distribution are." Click here for more
<http://infojustice.org/archives/3725> .  


House Judiciary Committee Hears Testimony Supporting Felony Penalties
for Streaming


On June 1, the House Judiciary Committee held a hearing on the illegal
streaming of copyrighted material, with testimony from Maria Pallante
(Acting U.S. Register of Copyrights), Sandra Aistars (Executive
Director, Copyright Alliance), and Michael O'Leary (Executive Vice
President, Motion Picture Association of America).  Under current law,
streaming may be considered a public performance, and therefore
ineligible for felony penalties. In March, IP Enforcement Coordinator
Victoria Espinel recommended legislation to allow for felony penalties,
and Sen. Klobuchar introduced a Senate streaming bill (S. 978) in May.
The witnesses at House Judiciary Committee hearing indicated that they
would support similar legislation in the House.   Reps. Watt and Lofgren
noted that the scope of the legislation in the Senate has been
criticized as being too broad.  Click here for more.


Communia Thematic Network Forms Nonprofit and Releases 14 Point Platform
on the Digital Public Domain


A group of over 50 academics and civil society organizations has
established the Communia Association, a nonprofit based in Brussels
dedicated to protecting and growing the public domain. According to its
homepage, "The Association's mission is to educate about, advocate for,
offer expertise and research about the public domain in the digital age
within society and with policy-makers."  A formal launch ceremony will
take place on the 16th of June.  Click here for more.


Puerto 80 Petitions for Release of Domain Names Seized by ICE


A Spanish company that owns two domains seized by the U.S. Immigration
and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has petitioned the court to release the
domains.  The company, Puerto 80 Projects, filed a brief in the Second
District of New York which argues that its website - rojadirectica.com
(also rojadirectica.org) - is an online discussion forum which "two
Spanish courts specifically held that the website was operating legally
and did not infringe copyrights."  The company describes having trouble
initiating a discussion with the correct authorities at ICE, and
eventually being informed that "the only acceptable 'compromise' would
entail Puerto 80 prohibiting its users from linking to any U.S. content
anywhere on its sites."  The petition was reported in an EFF blog post
by Abigail Phillips. Click here for more.


Events and deadlines


*         June 14 - A Performance Right for Broadcasting: Will Radio
Begin to Pay?  Sponsored by Broadband (IP) Breakfast, Washington DC

*         June 14 - Geneva-Based Symposium on IP and Competition Policy
(WIPO, Geneva) <http://wipo.int/portal/en/events/2011/article_0016.html>

*         June 15-24 - Standing Committee on Copyright and Related
Rights (WIPO, Geneva)

*         July 3-8 - Access Africa: Exploring the full benefit of Social
Inclusion for all Persons (Accra, Ghana)

*         August 25-27 - Global Congress on Public Interest Intellectual
Property Law <http://infojustice.org/public-events/global-congress> 

*         September 14 - U.S. IPR Center Symposium  - Online IP Theft in
the 21st Century.



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