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With a view to bringing in greater balance, the Asian Group considers it important to have a framework for safeguarding the public interest, which is now being dealt with as exceptions and limitations clauses since such a framework does not currently exist. The Asian Group would like to express our appreciation for the work of this Committee on exceptions and limitations. The Asian Group attaches great importance to ensuring a balance between the rights holders and the larger public interest. Exceptions and limitations to copyright are crucial in this regard.

In this context, the Group would like to reiterate our readiness to proceed with our work on the basis of treaty proposal put forward by Brazil, Ecuador, Paraguay and Mexico, as well as all the other proposals which have been put forward during the previous sessions. We look forward to participating constructively in the discussions with the hope that progress can be achieved on establishing the normative framework on exceptions and limitations in a manner that we can collectively agree upon. We eagerly look forward to a conclusion of negotiations on the limitations and exceptions for the persons with reading and other disabilities and the logical termination in the diplomatic conference for adoption of an international legal instrument on this issue.


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