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Tue Jun 21 22:01:40 PDT 2011


I have another blog that deals with U.S. employment data from the
information sector. This one provides May 2010 employment and wage
data from fourteen 4- and 5-digit NAICS industry groups in the
"Information Sector."

Notes on the data


Wage data for NAICS 51

The wage data shows a large disparities between the wages in the
various sectors. The average annual wage for the Information Sector as
a whole was $60,502, but there were considerable differences within
industries and between industries.

At the bottom are wages in Motion picture, newspaper and radio
broadcasting. At the higher end are wages for telecommunications,
computing and software industry groups.

Interestingly, 37 percent of the employment for the Motion Picture and
Video industry (Code 5121) is for Motion Picture and Video Exhibition
sector (51213), where the median wage was just $18,540, and involved
such tasks as selling popcorn and cleaning out theaters. For the whole
Motion Picture and Video sector (5121), the median income was $35,940,
or just 59 percent of the Information sector average. While the median
incomes were relatively low, ranking 11th of those in the table below,
the incomes of the persons in the 90th percentile of the Motion
Picture and Video industries were ranked 3rd overall.

As noted in a previous blog, the employment for the Sound Recording
industry is estimated by the BLS at just 16,000 persons, or .6 percent
of all jobs for the information sector.

The following chart and table report employment and wages in the U.S.
for 14 "information" sectors.


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