[A2k] Sharing Licence Library online

Volker Grassmuck vgrass at rz.hu-berlin.de
Wed Jun 22 04:37:27 PDT 2011


This is a collection of materials on the proposals to legalize file-sharing in exchange for a flat-rate remuneration. These proposals are as old as P2P file-sharing itself. They have been advanced by law scholars, people from the music industry, consumer and Internet user organisations, collecting societies and political parties. They have come in the form of feasibility studies, passionate manifestos, scholarly and popular articles, law proposals and pilot projects. And they have come under names such as alternative compensation system, content or culture flat-rate, licence globale, artistic freedom voucher, noncommercial use levy and sharing licence. If you have materials (text, audio, video) that should be in this collection, please mail me. Any discussion paper, law proposal, artist’s statement from any country in any language pertinent to the subject are welcome. Broken links as well. Thank you.

Hope you will find this useful. Please add to it what you can.



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