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There are many societies who look on their creative work as an expression of their collective/tribal/family's  history/story.

The whole idea of IP is very new and modern . If it is a useful idea (which I think it can be), then it has to moderate its claims.
Every piece of music is based on what the musician/composer has heard, sung or otherwise experienced in their life. No one invented the scale, or the blues, or the folk song, and to claim it as your own is only legitimate if you are spreading or developing or preserving the tradition, and IP enables you to get paid for your work and training and creativity. All creativity is substantially a remix of what one has seen , enjoyed, or learnt from others through one's life. As such it has real value.

IP was invented to encourage people to make creative works or inventions available for the benefit of the community. If there is no benefit then there is no justification for the whole game.

I write as someone who has made his living from helping creative people get paid by the exploitation of their work ,for the last 45 years.

Peter Jenner

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Vrijschrift response to EU IPRED consultation

Part 1: Shakespeare 2.0

Part 1 is a defense of the remix culture: From Panchatantra to hip hop,
artists have always used earlier works to express themselves. Cultures have
always been remix cultures. And copyright traditionally only regulated
professional behavior.

"We have to reclaim our homes and our communication, our non commercial
activities and remix creativity. Our breathing space."

Part 2: How to outlaw the Guernica

Louis Vuitton managed to get a court order against... a painting. Part 2 uses
Vuitton's assault on the freedom of speech as an example. Artist Nadia Plesner
faces damages of 300.000 euros, and counting - awarded in a case where she
wasn't present (ex parte).

With images, Vrijschrift illustrates what this case would have done in
history. "De Goya's Shootings on Third of May is a famous political painting.
Imagine that De Goya would have painted this version, including a Vuitton bag.
De Goya would have ended broke, we would not have known his painting. Neither
would he have have had the money to paint the Black Paintings, etc."

Vrijschrift also enriched Picasso's Guernica with three (!) Vuitton handbags
("This version of the Guernica would have been outlawed").

The last image shows a Vuitton design combined with the word "Boycott". The
non-commercial usage in the document is allowed.



PDF, 10 Mb:

vriendelijke groet,


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