[A2k] A bit more on Maria Martin-Prat, reportedly the new head of copyright for the EC

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Maria Martin-Prat is currently working for the European Commission as a Head
of Unit working on services and other issues.

Prior to her present job, she worked for IFPI, a job left off her EC bio.
It seems odd, but while Deputy General Counsel and Director of Legal Policy
at IFPI, Martin-Prat was apparently, "on leave from European Commission."

Before the IFPI job, she had worked for the European Commission in the
electronic commerce and copyright areas.

According to the link below she also worked in the Legal Affairs Committee
of the European Parliament.


This is an example of a presentation by Prat on copyright limitations and
exceptions, while she was working for IFPI:

http://www.alai-usa.org/2001_conference/ppt_martinprat.ppt ,


Ms. Martin-Prat is Head of Unit in the Commission Internal Market
Directorate General. Her Unit drafted and negotiated the Directive on
Services in the Internal Market and is now in charge of working with Member
States in its implementation process. Besides the Services Directive, her
Unit is also responsible for the Commission's infringement procedures
relating to the direct application of the EC Treaty provisions on the
freedom of establishment and freedom to provide services in areas such as
health, posting of workers and the regulated professions.



IFPI's Legal Policy Department works to establish and improve the legal
framework in which the record industry operates. This includes copyright
laws as well as other areas of legislation, in particular those with a
direct impact on the development of electronic commerce. The Legal Policy
Department formulates strategies for advising and lobbying legislative
bodies, national governments and international agencies.

Prior to joining IFPI, Ms Martin-Prat worked at the Commission of the
European Community in the electronic commerce and copyright areas as well as
in the Legal Affairs Committee of the European Parliament.

Ms Martin-Prat obtained her degree in Law from the Faculty of Law of the
University of Seville in Spain, and is a member of the Bar in Spain. She has
also obtained two post-graduate Diplomas in European Community Law, one from
the European Institute of the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands and
the other from the Institute of European Studies of the Free University of
Brussels. She is fluent in Spanish, English and French.

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