[A2k] To rethink music, one needs to think wider than music and deeper in music

Philippe Aigrain (perso Wanadoo) philippe.aigrain at wanadoo.fr
Thu May 12 23:52:17 PDT 2011

Volker Grassmuck has produced a detailed account of the Alternative
Compensation Systems panel at the Rethink music conference held in
Boston by the Berkee College of Music in collaboration with the Berkman
Center for Internet & Society. See :

I have published additional comments building on Volker's analysis :

The Rethink Music was organized 25-27 April 2011 in Boston, by the
Berklee College of Music and MIDEM in association with the Berkman
Center for Internet & Society of Harvard University. Volker Grassmuck
has written an account under the title Rethink Music? Think again. His
take is that most speakers’ thinking is still too influenced by
pre-digital concepts, thus the “think again”. I would add think beyond
recorded music, beyond music, that is adopting an all-media encompassing
approach to digital culture, and also deeper in music.

Volker Grassmuck also provides an overview of the state-of-play
regarding proposals discussed in the Alternative Compensation Systems
panel for the legalization of sharing and details on his own talk on the
subject. In his talk, he departs from compensatory (for harm) approaches
and strongly states: “File-sharing is not a problem, it’s a solution”,
even though an “alternative compensation” panel is not necessarily the
best home for a non-compensatory approach. He kindly refers to my own
proposals for a social rights-based creative contribution (detailed in
my still forthcoming Sharing book). Our view points have significantly
converged, further to discussions conducted at the Free Culture Forum
and with Jamie Love (key designer of the Blur/Banff approach of
financing based on user preferences and allocation to competitive
intermediaries). His overall view on perspectives in the US is
pessimistic. Here is a quote:

More at :

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