[A2k] UNESCO/COL Guidelines for OER in HE - August 2 Version.

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We at the Centre for Internet and Society are keen to promote both open
access to scientific and scholarly literature and open educational resources
at all levels. One of our colleagues, Pranesh Prakash, recently met with Sir
John Daniels and colleagues from the Commonwealth of Learning and UNESCO.

UNESCO and COL have been working together to develop ‘UNESCO/COL Guidelines
on OER in Higher Education’. This document aims to support and advocate the
integration of OER in HE systems worldwide.It contains policy considerations
and suggestions for good practice for HE stakeholders (governments,
institutions, teaching staff, student bodies, as well as  quality
assurance/accreditation and recognition bodies).

These Guidelines are being developed as a follow up to the Policy

Forum on Open Educational Resources (OERs) held in December 2010 at UNESCO
Headquarters in the framework of the UNESCO/COL project “Taking OER beyond
the OER Community: Policy and Capacity"
(www.oerworkshop.weebly.com <http://www.oerworkshop.weebly.com/>)

This document has been developed through a large consultative process. In
view of your expertise in higher education and OER we would be very grateful
for any comments and/or suggestion you may have concerning this text.

Your critical comments on the attached draft guidelines will be vary
valuable. Kindly forward your comments to Pranesh Prakash or Zeynep Varoglu.
Their email addresses are
<pranesh at cis-india.org> and <z.varoglu at unesco.org>

Thanks very much and regards.

Subbiah Arunachalam
Distinguished Fellow
Centre for Internet and Society

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