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The Electronic Publishing Trust* is pleased to announce
that it is launching an annual award for individuals in developing and
transition countries** who have made significant advances to the cause
of open access and the free exchange of research findings.

Nominations are sought for the first such award. Individuals or
organisations may nominate themselves or others, sending a statement
using the attached form to the chair of the EPT Board,
(d.law at strath.ac.uk <mailto:d.law%40strath.ac.uk> ) outlining the
achievements of the individual.
Please find the nominations form below.

Nominations should be received by 30th November 2011. Selection of a
winner will be made by a panel of three EPT Board Members which will be
chaired by Dr Alma Swan (http://bit.ly/aQXNEy
a well-known figure in Open Access advocacy.

 The result will be announced in January 2012 and it is intended that a
presentation will be made at a location convenient to the winner. The
prizewinner will be publicly recognised through the presentation of a
certificate and an engraved award. It is also hoped to have a "fringe"
event at future OA meetings to celebrate the work of the winner.


*The Electronic Publishing Trust for Development (EPT) was established
in 1996 to facilitate open access to the world's scholarly literature
and to support the electronic publication of reviewed bioscience
journals from countries experiencing difficulties with traditional

**As defined by the UN at


EPT Award submission form for nominations

1. Nominations may be made by individuals or organisations.
2. The EPT Award is for individuals who have made an impact on the
progress of open access to research findings.
3. Please supply the following information:

Name of nominee:

Affiliation of nominee:

Position or role of nominee:

Contact address and email of nominee:

Contact address and email of proposer:

Please provide a brief statement to describe the ACTIVITIES of the
nominee in support of Open Access (no more than 250 words):

Please describe the RESULTS of these activities (no more than 200

Please describe the SIGNIFICANCE of these activities and results for
Open Access (no more than 200 words):

Please send your proposal by 30/11/2011 to: EPT Chair, Derek Law, at
derek.law at strath.ac.uk <mailto:derek.law at strath.ac.uk>

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