[A2k] IP Enforcement Roundup - September 5, 2011

Mike Palmedo mike.palmedo at gmail.com
Mon Sep 5 17:06:33 EDT 2011

*TPP Negotiators to Meet in Chicago for Negotiating Round:  Reports Show the
Conflict Between IP Provisions and Local Laws in the U.S. and Australia *
* *

The next negotiating round of the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement will
be held in Chicago from September 6-15.  Negotiators hope to make progress
on outstanding issues including intellectual property protection, which has
been an area where negotiators have had trouble reaching agreement.  It is
rumored that the U.S. will table text on data exclusivity. Last week,
Knowledge Ecology International published comments submitted to USTR that
highlight a number of areas where the US-proposed intellectual property
chapter that was leaked in February conflicts with US legal norms and
practices.  This follows an analysis by Kimberlee Weatherall completed last
month that shows the conflict between the IP provisions and Australian
law. Click
here for more. <http://infojustice.org/archives/5322>

*Copyrights Amendment Bill to Be Tabled in Indian Parliament – Parallel
Importation Provisions Have Been Removed*

This week, the Indian government’s Rajya Sabha (the upper house of
Parliament) will debate the Copyright Amendments Act.  The Centre for
Internet and Society has raised a number of concerns – including the removal
of parallel import provisions that would have allowed universities and
libraries greater access to foreign works, the extension of copyright terms,
and the introduction of technological protection measures, with stiff
penalties for circumvention. Click here for

*UK Domain Name Registrar Considers New Rules for Domain Name Takedowns*

Nominet, the British domain name registrar for .uk domains, has requested
comments on proposed rules concerning "Domain names used in connection with
criminal activity." The draft rules include "an expedited process to suspend
domain names," which could include suspension of domain names without a
court order, as long as law enforcement agencies "provide a declaration that
the suspension is proportionate, necessary, and urgent.” Nominet has asked
for input from stakeholders by September 20 (to submit comments, email them
to policy at nominet.org.uk).  Click here for

*Google Reports on Efforts to “Make Copyright Work Better Online”*

Kent Walker, Senior Vice President and General Counsel for Google, posted a
"Progress Report" on the company's Public Policy Blog, highlighting steps
the company has taken to address online copyright infringement. He discusses
Google's efforts to "Act on reliable copyright takedown requests within 24
hours;" "Prevent terms that are closely associated with piracy from
appearing in Autocomplete;" "Improve our AdSense anti-piracy review;" and
"Improve visibility of authorized preview content in search results."  Click
here for the Progress Report on the Google Public Policy

*The European Strategy: Send Money to the US (Guest Article by Joe Karaganis
in TorrentFreak)

“Over the past two decades, the EC has been a very active proponent of
higher IP standards and stronger enforcement, from the ACTA agreement, to
the upcoming revision to the Enforcement Directive, to the imminent
extension of copyright on recordings.  Let’s ask the obvious question: why?”
Click here for the full

*Events and Deadlines*

   - September 5 – The Economics of Intellectual Property - IP and
   Innovations for Growth and Welfare in a Closing World

   - September 13 – Video Streaming on Digital Devices: Will Broadband Clash
   With Copyright? <http://ipbreakfast.eventbrite.com/>

   - September 14 – U.S. IPR Center Symposium - Online IP Theft in the 21st

   - September 19 – Deadline for Submissions to MSF for “Ideas Contest” on
   Ways to Amend TRIPS to promote public

   - * *September 25 – Deadline to for Comments on EU Green Party Reports on
   ACTA and the Public Interest <http://infojustice.org/archives/5243>

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