[A2k] the second "yes" to the OER Sao Paulo state bill

Carolina Rossini carolina.rossini at gmail.com
Fri Apr 6 11:55:20 PDT 2012

Dear all,

I am very happy to let you know that the OER Bill of Sao Paulo state
(Brazil) has received its second "yes", now from the Commission of
Education and Culture. It has already passed through the Commission of

More commissions to come. It is now going to Commission of Finance and
Tax of the House of Sao Paulo.


p.s. this is a different bill from the Federal Bill I have mentioned in
this list previous times. Due to the complexities of the Brazilian legal
education system, we have to work on policies at the city, state and
federal levels.

The bill declares that public funded educational materials and
those materials developed by the state government and its agencies should
be OER and foster the development of open and interoperable repositories
for OER in Brazil.

Let me know if you want more details.

Happy Easter,


*Carolina Rossini*
Senior Fellow at GPOPAI
University of Sao Paulo
Coordinator: OER-Brazil/REA-Brasil
+ 1 6176979389
*carolina.rossini at gmail.com*

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