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A little chat with Schulz?

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Live chat on Facebook on ACTA on Thursday 26 April at 14:30 CET

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HD Live chat on Facebook on ACTA on Thursday 26 April at 14:30 CET
The President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz will participate in a Web Chat about the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) on Thursday 26 April from 14:30- 15:30 CET. The chat will take place on the Facebook page of the European Parliament (see link below).

Ahead of the chat, EP President Schulz said:

"I want the debate on ACTA to be open and transparent. Citizens' opinions and concerns have to be listened to when taking decisions on issues affecting their daily lives.

Decisions taken behind closed doors do not contribute to regaining people's trust in the EU. The European Parliament takes seriously citizens' participation in the debate. The almost 2.5 million signatures in the petition we received on ACTA is a very welcome sign of involvement and interest."

Note for Editors:

The European Parliament will have to vote on the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) in the next months. The Rapporteur (David Martin) will present his recommendations to the competent committee on 25 April. Without Parliament's consent, the Treaty cannot enter into force in the EU.

Facebook Chat on 26 April at 14:30 CET will take place here:

http://chat.epfacebook.eu  (install app to participate in the chat)

Martin Schulz on Facebook


ACTA in the European Parliament


For further information:

Armin Machmer, Spokesperson, Mobile: +32 479 97 11 98

Raffaella De Marte, Press Officer, Mobile: +32 485 54 51 60

Richard Freedman, Press Officer, Mobile: +32 498 983 239 

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