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The Division on Cultural Policy Studies of the Cultural Studies Association
would like to invite submissions for the 11th Annual Meeting of the
Cultural Studies Association (U.S.), to be held at Columbia College
Chicago, Chicago, IL May 23-26, 2013. The theme of this year's conference,
Beyond Disciplinarity: Interventions in Cultural Studies and the Arts,
encourages submissions that reflect on the nature, limits, and merits of
interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary practices across the humanities,
social sciences, and the arts.

This theme refers to the historic role of cultural studies as a field that
intervenes in social and intellectual modes of disciplinarity from a
variety of critical locations. The conference aims to attract work that
meets those challenges by willfully reorganizing and redistributing the
sensibilities and knowledges of disciplinary and interdisciplinary

In its fifth year as a division of the Cultural Studies Association, the
Cultural Policy Studies Division welcomes a wide range of papers addressing
the nexus between culture and policy. In the spirit of the conference
topic, the division is especially interested in papers that address the
role of disciplines in constituting culture, policy, and law - and the
possibility of addressing our current conjuncture by working and thinking
beyond disciplinarity or even beyond the walls of the academy.

Deadline for Abstracts (500 words) is February 5, 2013.

Other topics might include (but are not limited to):

- Cultural exception (GATT to WTO) and other International trade and
economic policy

- Library and information policies and practices (esp. contract preemption
of copyright)

- Cultural citizenship and Immigration policies

- Indigenous rights, minority rights, women's rights, GLBTQ rights

- Abortion and family planning

- Welfare, social, and economic policy

- Labor unions and collective bargaining

- Criminal and capital punishment; the penal system

- Primitive accumulation and privatization

- The US Tea Party movement, Occupy movement, Arab Spring

- Citizens United and public campaign funding

- Community arts funding and education

- The struggle over the future of public Higher Education

- Copyright and intellectual property vs. fair use and the public domain

- Recent court precedents on exceptions for academic fair use, e.g. GSU,
Google Books, Hathi Trust, or UCLA's video streaming case.

- Free culture movement, creative commons

- Culture jamming, piracy, and other forms of illegal defiance

- Civil disobedience, direct action, and cultural perceptions

- Transportation policy, automobility- car culture vs. bikes, trains, etc.

- Place and culture

- Terror and/as cultural policy

Of particular interest are comparative papers which take any of the above
and consider them across jurisdictions or other such boundaries.

Please submit via e-mail an abstract (< 500 words), including
name,department, title, institutional affiliation, and e-mail address by
February 5 to Division Chair Sean Johnson Andrews <
sean.johnson.andrews at gmail.com>. If you are interested in proposing an
entire panel with other participants, please also contact the chair with
your panel proposal and contact info for all participants. Additional
information about the CSA general call can be found at:

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