[A2k] Public Knowledge's Special 301 petition

Rashmi Rangnath rrangnath at publicknowledge.org
Wed Feb 1 10:14:09 PST 2012


I thought you might be interested in a call to action Public Knowledge
issued today. We are asking people to sign a petition asking the USTR not
to blindly do big content's bidding in its Special 301 process. Here is a
link to the call to action: http://www.publicknowledge.org/act-now.

Here is my blog post providing some background:

Please feel free to circulate widely.

Rashmi Rangnath
Director, Global Knowledge Initiative
Public Knowledge
1818 N Street NW
Suite 410
Washington, D.C. 20036
202 861 0020
rrangnath at publicknowledge.org

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