[A2k] Facebook France helping Sarkozy... ? O_o

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Tue Feb 14 11:09:41 PST 2012

Dear Guys,

some of our French newspapers are reporting from France that Facebook
France has been informally assisting Nicolas Sarkozy's web campaign team so
as to give him some developer time, allow him to access advanced functions,
and create a Timeline on his Fan Page - a world premiere bringing tons of
good press to his campaign.

Journalists and inside sources named a Facebook executive named Julien
Codorniou. For this purpose, he has been working directly with Nicolas
Princen, Sarkozy's official web advisor and Loic Le Meur, who is also very
close to the President.

Their aim was to achieve a good media coverage for Nicolas Sarkozy, and
have him depicted as an advanced user of Internet communication - which you
and Marc Zuckerberg must know is far from the truth.

This implication of Facebook within the French presidential campaign is
unacceptable. If they have really been working on such a feature for weeks
or months, they should have offered it equally to all the candidates, and
planned its release at the same time.

I am aware that Facebook is no traditional media. However, I am surprised
that they would take sides in a presidential campaign by providing
technical and intellectual support which may give a competitive advantage
to one of the candidates. As a result, the staff of François Hollande - a
democrat and the current favorite - already decided to cancel a meeting
they had planned with the French representatives of Facebook.

Who to forward it to at Facebook US...?

I am sure they would be very surprised to learn that some of their people
are using their company's resources to support a republican candidate in a
local election...

... or maybe a story for you? Or any help you could think of?

Here is an article about it in "L'Express":

And it will be in "Le Canard Enchainé" tomorrow morning.

Best regards,

Jean-Baptiste Soufron

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