[A2k] SCCR Side event: Scenarios for Global Copyright Reform

Daniella Allam dallam at ictsd.ch
Wed Jul 18 08:27:42 PDT 2012


Friday 20th July
13h15 - 15h00

Room B
World Intellectual Property Organization
34 chemin des collombettes, Geneva

*(A light lunch will be served)*

The international copyright system stands at a critical juncture. New
methods for distributing cultural goods, new challenges raised by social
networks, new forms of user-generated creativity, new actors such as ISPs,
and new opportunities to access, preserve, distribute and share creative
content have, combined, exerted immense pressure on copyrights conventional
rationales and legal infrastructure. The stark division of author-owner
versus user-consumer has been irreversibly and fundamentally disrupted. As
a result, a number of developments are taking place which reflect the
inevitability of copyright reform. They range from the recommendations of
various recent national commissions in the U.S. and the U.K., the
multilateral agenda on copyright limitations and exceptions, the efforts of
private corporations such as the Google Books Project, and the growing
movement in the development of Open Educational Resources.

The discussion will be based on a working paper currently being prepared by
Professor Ruth Okediji, University of Minnesota. The paper highlights the
emergence of “niche copyright” as a defining characteristic of future
national and multilateral copyright regulation. Forms of niche copyright
include special and differential carve outs for new actors/institutions
and developing countries, hybrid models  of private rights with components
of open systems designed to mediate access and use across different
markets, and opt-out proprietary models facilitated by new authorial keys
such as Creative Commons. They also entail their own distinct social costs
and involve unique tradeoffs. Niche copyright reflects new patterns of
creativity and use, and calibrates social, political, scientific and
cultural discourse in ways and forms that are made possible principally
because of new technology.

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