[A2k] CCIA, EFF, IFLA, KEI, ISOC, CIS views on the broadcasting treaty July 23, 2012

Manon Ress manon.ress at keionline.org
Mon Jul 23 08:18:41 PDT 2012

Once again a diverse group of NGOS spoke clearly against the treaty
for broadcasting organizations. To quote CCIA "While the world's
governments can certainly create legal instruments with any language
in them that they wish, surely granting copyright in objects that
don't exist would be difficult to justify to the wider public". Well,
the delegates are now back into informal sessions so the public in
fact does not even know why they still work on more rights, (more road
blocks) to solve signal piracy, already a crime I believe in most

Here are some excerpts from the excellent interventions:

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