[A2k] Quick update on today's discussions at SCCR 24(7/25/12)

Manon Ress manon.ress at keionline.org
Wed Jul 25 07:08:31 PDT 2012

Last day at SCCR 24, July 25, 2012

The topics for discussions today:

1) Discussions regarding libraries and archives.
See: Last day at SCCR 24, July 25, 2012 Governments views regarding
libraries and archives
NGOs on Libraries and Archives July 25, 2012 at SCCR24

2) The document on education that the Friends of the Chair have been
working on in consultation with delegations
See: Last day of SCCR 24 regarding education and research exceptions

3) The formal adoption for the record on broadcasting document.

4) Chair "There's also the document on VIP, which we have to -- we've
been working on in informals and we need to of course present the
revision to the plenary.

Now: Break for lunch and informal sessions after which there will be
more on the "instrument" for L&E for people with disabilities (4)

5) Then Agenda Item 8, which is the Development Agenda...
then 6) conclusions.

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