[A2k] Elements for the reform of copyright and related cultural policies

Philippe Aigrain (perso Wanadoo) philippe.aigrain at wanadoo.fr
Tue Jul 31 02:16:43 PDT 2012

Now that the ACTA treaty has been rejected by the European Parliament, a
period opens during which it will be possible to push for a new
regulatory and policy framework adapted to the digital era. Many
citizens and MEPs support the idea of reforming copyright in order to
make possible for all to draw the benefits of the digital environment,
engage into creative and expressive activities and share in their
results. In the coming months and years, the key questions will be: What
are the real challenges that this reform should address? How can we
address them?

This text provides an answer to the first question and tables a
consistent set of proposals to tackle the second one. It is available in
both English and French. The proposals address copyright reform as well
as related culture and media policy issues. These elements are intended
for being used by reform proponents according to their own orientations.
One will have to consider nonetheless the interdependency between
various proposals. This text was drafted by Philippe Aigrain, with
contributions from Lionel Maurel and Silvère Mercier and was critically
reviewed by the co-founders and staff of La Quadrature du Net. It is
published in parallel on the author's blog and on La Quadrature du Net's

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Versions on my blog give access to a PDF.


Philippe Aigrain

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