[A2k] FW: National Federation of Blind Sends Letter to Hillary Clinton Re: Kindle

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Subject: [IFLA-CLM] National Federation of Blind Sends Letter to Hillary
Clinton Re: Kindle
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From: Gary Price <gprice at gmail.com>
Date: Mon, Jun 18, 2012 at 3:24 PM

We've embedded a 4 page letter from the president of the NFB to the
Secretary of State re: the Kindle device, the no-bid contract discussed last
week, and the Kindle Learning Initiative announcement on Wed. in a new
infoDOCKET post.

>From the Letter:

"Unfortunately, the contemplated agreement with Amazon does not provide for
accessible Kindles. While the sole-source Justification and Approval the
Department issued requires text-to-speech capability for the content, that
alone will not render the device accessible. The navigation and menus must
also be accessible. As the Kindle is currently designed, a blind person must
have a sighted individual enable the text-to-speech function and then the
blind reader must listen to the book from beginning to end without the
ability to skip around the text or otherwise control navigation through the

"As the proposed deal between the Department of State and Amazon currently
stands, there is no provision that requires the devices be accessible in
accordance with the Department's obligations under Section 508."

Full Text of Letter embedded here:

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