[A2k] Final Version of the AGREED STATEMENT ON TPMS and EXCEPTIONS for the Audiovisual Performers Treaty.

Luis Villarroel info at innovarte.cl
Sun Jun 24 07:25:07 PDT 2012

Final version of the Agreed Statement on the relation of TPMs and
Exceptions in the just now approved Audiovisual Performers Treaty.

 It is understood that nothing in this Article prevents a Contracting Party
from adopting effective and necessary measures to ensure that a beneficiary
may enjoy limitations and exceptions provided in its national law in
accordance with Article 13, where technological measures have been applied
to an audiovisual performance and the beneficiary has legal access to that
performance, in circumstances such as where appropriate and effective
measures have not been taken by rights holders in relation to that
performance to enable the beneficiary to enjoy the limitations and
exceptions under its national law.  Without prejudice to the legal
protection of an audiovisual work in which a performance is fixed, it is
further understood that the obligations under Article 15 are not applicable
to performances unprotected or no longer protected under the national
legislation giving effect to this treaty."

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Luis Villarroel

  Luis Villarroel Villalón
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 Corporación Innovarte
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