[A2k] Australian Joint Standing Committee on Treaties tables ACTA Report

Brendan Molloy brendan.molloy at pirateparty.org.au
Tue Jun 26 18:20:38 PDT 2012

The Joint Standing Committee on Treaties (JSCT) in Australia has just
tabled their report on ACTA, entitled "Report 126: Review into Treaty
tabled on 21 November 2011".

Recommendation 8

That the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement not be ratified by
Australia until the:

* Joint Standing Committee on Treaties has received and considered the
independent and transparent assessment of the economic and social
benefits and costs of the Agreement referred to in Recommendation 2;

* Australian Law Reform Commission has reported on its Inquiry into
Copyright and the Digital Economy; and the

* Australian Government has issued notices of clarification in relation
to the terms of the Agreement as recommended in the other
recommendations of this report.

The report can be found here:


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