[A2k] eBooks: Competition, reader rights and author remuneration

Philippe Aigrain (perso Wanadoo) philippe.aigrain at wanadoo.fr
Wed Mar 14 09:12:08 PDT 2012

Yet another comment on the eBook antitrust investigation.
Despite a very good article in the Wall Street Journal, most
commentators struggle to find their way in the recent announcements
regarding a possible antitrust action against 5 publishers and Apple.
The difficulty lies in identifying the bad guys. On the other side, one
finds Amazon, which, with its Kindle, its dominant share of the eBook
market and its vertical integration including a distribution platform
and now a publishing activity, is not exactly an angel. Stop searching:
they are all bad guys, in particular when reader rights and author
income are at stake. The only way to understand anything is to go back
to basics.

The bright future of eBooks raises two essential questions:

    Which rights and capabilities will exist for readers, and in
particular how will they be able to share digital books between
themselves without aim of profit, an activity that plays so important a
role in the sociology of reading and the dissemination of the written
    Which synergy will exist between the eBook economy, the
above-mentioned non-market sharing and the paper book economy?

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