[A2k] Internet Freedom vs ACTA

Philippe Aigrain (perso Wanadoo) philippe.aigrain at wanadoo.fr
Thu Mar 15 09:52:44 PDT 2012

Dear Andrew,

There is a general feeling within digital activism and Internet freedoms
advocacy groups that -without releasing our pressure on the rejection of
ACTA- the time is ripe for staging campaigns for major campaigns towards
a significant copyright reform and a recognition of Internet-related rights.

La Quadrature du Net's view is that the key is to push for:
1- a clear delineation of non-market practices of individuals in the
digital sphere and a complete exclusion of these practices from any
policy enforcement agenda,
2- a positive recognition of non-market sharing of digital works between
3- the development of policy for the sustainability of creative and
expressive activity in the digital sphere, as to enable a many-to-all
sharing-compatible cultural economy. Such policy has 2 main pillars:
competition in markets and resource pooling for financing of a greater
number of contributors.

There are many tactical moves that are suggested to go in these
directions: a return to the first sale doctrine for non-commercial
activities in the digital sphere, the creation of a new exception for
non-market sharing between individuals, voluntary schemes complemented
by law such as extended collectives licenses and ciompulsory management
of rights, etc.

Other groups may have more specialized agenda, based on making copyright
obtainable only through registration, or leaving a choice between
various forms of copyright, possibly with a default one that authorizes
non-market sharing.


Philippe Aigrain

Le 15/03/2012 17:07, Andrew Rens a écrit :
> Hi
> I'd like to hear from people on the list whether there are positive
> Internet Freedom initiatives both globally and in Europe which could
> function as a counter to ACTA, especially if its ratification is delayed in
> Europe pending one or more ECJ opinions.
> I am interested in hearing about all kinds of norm setting, from
> declarations to EU Directives, obviously the stronger the legal force of
> the norm the better.
> Is there any effort to channel opposition to ACTA into positive measures
> that render one or more of its provisions nugatory even if it survives ECJ
> scrutiny?
> thanks

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