[A2k] ICTSD Policy brief: Recent reforms to Chile's copyright law

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ICTSD has just released an English version of "The Quest for a Normative
Balance: The Recent Reforms to Chile's Copyright Law" by Daniel Alvarez

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Copyright reform has become, in recent years, an important priority in the
national legislative agenda of many countries and in the deliberations of
relevant specialized international fora.  In this context, this policy
brief by Daniel Álvarez Valenzuela explains the recent Chilean copyright
law reform process and analyses its characteristics and concrete results, a
little more than a year after its adoption.

The policy brief examines the scope and implications of the main provisions
contained in the legislative text with special attention to those
provisions which embody a balance between the interests of different
stakeholders in the regulation of copyright. Among a wide range of issues,
the policy brief looks into the unfruitful efforts to incorporate a “fair
use” style norm in the national legislation and the reasons behind this.
Finally, the author presents the main political considerations that
impacted on the legislative discussion and the challenges that needed to be
overcome to achieve a successful reform.

In addition to being a lawyer, an academic and founder of the NGO Derechos
Digitales Chile, Daniel Alvarez Valenzuela the author worked as Legal
Advisor to the Minister and President of the National Arts and Culture
Council of Chile (2005-2010). In that capacity, he played a key role in the
preparatory work leading to the reforms presented in this policy brief as
well as during their discussions in the national Congress of Chile.

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