[A2k] PATNEWS: Apple's new crappy patent on disabling cellphones

Erik Josefsson erik.hjalmar.josefsson at gmail.com
Sat Sep 29 14:45:39 PDT 2012

On 29/09/12 18:58, JotHal wrote:
> In short, of the 150 carefully selected patents asserted against
> Nokia, 71 have been pursued through to judgment, and only one may
> possibly be valid. That gives an illustration of the proportion of
> patents in our industry that have problems with validity."

Here's one of my slides from 2005 (that is now 7 years ago):

    *Council mess: **Program Claims (3) *

EP1343166 is a NOKIA patent:

    *Method and device of digital recording

Why do even people pretend the pro software patent side has to be taken

I'd appreciate a comment from Professor Novak, in particular on the perl

We cannot take the next fight without having this sorted.


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