[A2k] "Copyright for Librarians" adapted for the use in the western Balkans

Teresa Hackett teresa.hackett at eifl.net
Tue Apr 9 07:11:53 PDT 2013


CFL adapted for the use in the western Balkans

EIFL is delighted to announce that "Copyright for Librarians" (CFL) is now
available online and in print in the Serbian language. The printed version
has been distributed for use in academic libraries in Serbia and to
national and university libraries in Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The online version is freely available to download from
the repository of the University of Belgrade, established in June 2012 to
permanently archive and manage digital objects at the University. **

The CFL text was translated into Serbian (Latin script) by Dr. Stela Filipi
Matutinovic, librarian at Svetozar Marković University Library, the main
library of the University of Belgrade, with support from Professor Dr.
Dragan Prlja, a legal expert at the University's Institute of Comparative
Law, who reviewed and amended the text. The work was done as part of “New
Library Services at Western Balkan universities” <http://www.westbulnet.com>,
a project of the EU TEMPUS
which supports the modernization of higher education in Eastern Europe,
Central Asia, the Western Balkans and the Mediterranean region.

“Until recently, copyright was not widely known about by librarians in
Serbia. However technical modernization, integration of academic library
systems in the region, and the establishment of open access repositories
means that a clear copyright policy must be in place to manage electronic
materials before they go online”, said Dr. Stela Filipi Matutinovic. To
fill the gap, the TEMPUS project team decided to use the up-to-date and
freely available curriculum developed by EIFL and Harvard’s Berkman Center
for Internet and Society. The new resource is being used to conduct
training courses for librarians, and is recommended reading for
undergraduate and postgraduate students of Library and Information Science
(LIS) at the University of Belgrade. 'I adapted the case studies in the
curriculum into short texts that describe the practical problems and
possible solutions for librarians and professors. I hope that the new
resource contributes to the transformation of communication in science in
the western Balkans, that will benefit education throughout the region',
said Dr. Filipi Matutinovic.

The translation has already sparked interest. In March 2013, EIFL
co-organized a meeting in Bosnia and
around 50 librarians and ministry officials to discuss the development
of the library consortium, Electronic Information Consortium of Bosnia and
Herzegovina (EICBIH)
<http://www.eifl.net/country/bosnia-and-herzegovina>and consortial
access to e-resources. Participants, who affirmed the issue
of copyright as a challenge on many levels, were informed about “CFL
Srpski” available online and in print from the TEMPUS team. We hope that
the new resource is a good start to help answer some of the questions.

EIFL warmly congratulates Stela and the TEMPUS team in Belgrade for taking
the initiative to translate and adapt CFL for use in the region.

Visit the CFL webpage for more translations and

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