[A2k] Peter Drahos: Video re spotlight on the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement

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Peter Drahos:  A spotlight on the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement -
Part 3


Interesting and timely video on TPPA


In theory, trade liberalization can be good for health. However, the
ability of governments worldwide to introduce and implement social
protection and public health policies and laws is increasingly threatened
by trade and investment treaties that privilege investors over governments
and provide supra-national avenues for corporations to challenge
democratically-enacted public policies. The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)
Agreement is currently under negotiation and looks likely to extend the
scope of trade liberalization far beyond reducing import barriers to trade
in goods and services.

Part three of this series features Professor Peter Drahos from the
Regulatory Institutions Network, ANU, with his talk titled 'Trade negotions
and health: some lessons'.

'A spotlight on the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement' is a one-day
symposium which was held on 9 May at ANU and discussed a range of social,
nutrition and health equity issues arising from 21st century trade
agreements, focusing on the TPP. This event was hosted by the NCEPH, and
presentation slides are available from their website

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