[A2k] Will French Parliamentarians Consent to a Democratorship?

Philippe Aigrain (perso Wanadoo) philippe.aigrain at wanadoo.fr
Tue Dec 10 06:54:05 PST 2013

For those who wish to follow the heated French debate on provisions in a
framework military law that would authorized pervasive
administratively-ordered real-time access to information and documents
treated and stored by access and Web service providers, we are
translating in English a series of posts that are published in parallel
on my blog and on La Quadrature du Net's site.


Philippe Aigrain

Will French Parliamentarians Consent to a Democratorship?

Numerous reactions are now being voiced against the inclusion in the
2014-2019 Defense Bill of article 13 whose provisions enable a pervasive
surveillance of online data and communications. Gilles Babinet,
appointed in 2012 as French Digital Champion to Nellie Kroes,
Vice-President of the European Commission responsible for the Digital
Agenda for Europe, was quoted [fr] in the French newspaper Les Echos,
“This law is the most serious attack on democracy since the special
tribunals during the Algerian War” (our translation).

This statement comes after the public declaration [fr] by the
Association of Community-based Internet Services (ASIC), the press
release by La Quadrature du Net and the opinion of the Conseil National
du Numérique [fr] (The French Digital Council) which calls on the
suppression of article 13.

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