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Hi all

That reminds me: my book Coding Freedom is under a CC license, and 
available for download. It is an ethnography of open source development 
which a focus on IP.

You can download it here:


Here are some reviews




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n 13-01-18 03:01 PM, Krista L. Cox wrote:
> Today, the book Copyright Unbalanced is being made available for free
> download on Kindle and iBooks (to commemorate the anniversary of the SOPA
> blackouts).  Scroll down at the following link:
> http://mercatus.org/copyrightunbalanced/
>  From the website:
> About the Book
> The Constitution gives Congress the power to establish copyright “to
> promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts.” This requires Congress to
> engage in a delicate balancing act, giving authors enough protection that
> they will be motivated to create expressive works, but not so much that it
> hampers innovation and public access to information. Yet over the past
> half-century Congress has routinely shifted the balance in only one
> direction—away from access and freedom and toward greater privileges for
> organized special interests.
> Conservatives and libertarians, who are naturally suspicious of big
> government, should be skeptical of an ever-expanding copyright system. They
> should also be skeptical of the recent trend toward criminal prosecution of
> even minor copyright infringements, of the growing use of civil asset
> forfeiture in copyright enforcement, and of attempts to regulate the
> Internet and electronics in the name of piracy eradication.
> Copyright Unbalanced is not a moral case for or against copyright; it is a
> pragmatic look at the excesses of the present copyright regime and of
> proposals to expand it further. It is a call for reform—to roll back the
> expansions and reinstate the limits that the Constitution’s framers placed
> on copyright.

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