[A2k] EIFL looks forward to implementation of Marrakesh Treaty

Teresa Hackett teresa.hackett at eifl.net
Thu Jul 4 03:33:11 PDT 2013


EIFL welcomed the adoption on 27 June 2013 of a historic WIPO Treaty
to facilitate Access to Published Works by Visually Impaired Persons
and Persons with Print Disabilities (known as the Marrakesh Treaty).
The aim of the treaty is to alleviate the “book famine” for print
disabled people by creating an international legal framework to enable
the cross-border sharing of accessible materials.

Fifty-one countries signed the Treaty in Marrakesh – the largest
number of countries ever to sign a WIPO-administered treaty upon
adoption - including the following EIFL partner countries: Bosnia and
Herzegovina, Cambodia, Cameroon, China, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Mali,
Mongolia, Nepal, Nigeria, Moldova, Senegal, Sudan, Uganda. Signing is
a signal of intent - a country must ratify the treaty in order to
implement it into national law that can be done at any time in the
future. The Treaty enters into force when 20 eligible parties have

EIFL looks forward to the next important phase of the work -
implementation of the Treaty into national law - and will cooperate
with the World Blind Union and others to encourage early ratification
by Member States. Read more,

Read the background, why a WIPO Treaty can change lives, EIFL
statements, and get photos and reactions,

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