[A2k] Avaaz petition: Stand with the blind

Asma Rehan asmarhn at googlemail.com
Mon Jun 3 03:53:36 PDT 2013


Imagine not being able to get your hands on a single book you could read.
This "book famine" is reality for hundreds of millions of blind people in
developing countries. But if we keep cynical corporate lobbyists at bay, we
could end this book famine in a few days with a new global treaty.

The Treaty for the Blind, 25 years in the making, would make it easier to
distribute blind-friendly books. Things were going so well that negotiators
finally scheduled a meeting to seal the deal. But in the last few months,
lobbyists from corporations like Exxon, GE, and Disney -- who have nothing
to lose -- have sabotaged the talks.Now the US and the EU have pulled their
support and the whole thing could collapse.

If we expose the countries putting corporate lobbyists over blind people,
we can shame them into supporting a deal again. Let's build a massive
petition from around the world to put this treaty in the news and get Obama
and other leaders to buck the lobbyistsand do the right thing. Sign now,
then forward it to everyone!

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