[A2k] Evolution of "reasonable price" text

Asma Rehan asmarhn at googlemail.com
Mon Jun 10 05:45:04 PDT 2013

I have written a briefing note that looks at the evolution of the definitions
for a “reasonable price.”

The briefing note is available as a pdf file here:

I can also send a copy in Microsoft word format if that is better for

This definition is relevant to the efforts to narrow exceptions in cases
where there is a commercially available source for a work in an accessible
format.  Among the issues raised in the negotiations are whether or not
there should be different definitions for developed and
developing countries, and whether a “reasonable” price should
be “affordable” and/or reflect differences in incomes for persons
with disabilities. The United States and the European Union have
repeatedly sought to eliminate references to “affordable,” and the US has
several efforts to eliminate the separate definition for
developing countries.The EU has preferred “sufficient and adequate
market solutions for persons with a print disability.”

The definition proposed in SCCR/23/7 in 2011 is the text that has remained
dominant and will be discussed in Marrakesh.

Asma Rehan

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